Ayurveda Cooking Classes - [now] 2 Week Series

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Ayurveda Cooking Classes - [now] 2 Week Series

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Start your journey to becoming an expert in cooking for YOUR body and mind by joining us for this 6 week culinary experience through the 5 senses.

Every Tuesday for six weeks, join Angelica Neri, Ayurvedic Practicioner, to learn which foods, food prep, seasonings and more are best for your dosha or energy type.

The deets:

  • July 16th - August 20th

  • 6 PM - 8 PM

  • At Wicker Park Inn (featured in image)

The themes // topics:

  • July 16th: Tridoshic Dinners

  • July 23rd: Pitta Pacifying Recipes for Summer

  • July 30th: Raw desserts + Herbal Elixirs

  • August 6th: Bhakti Brunch - Cooking for Guests

  • August 13th: Kitchari Cleanse // Detox

  • August 20th: Spices, Sides, and Sauces

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