Plug Yourself In

At the beginning of this year, I was obsessed with going on a yoga retreat. I researched for hours. I looked for 'loopholes' on ways to attend with a discount. I checked the US and then I checked every cool, "retreat” country I could think of.


But, each time I found a retreat I loved, I came back to the same hurdles.

  • "This one's 10 day long"

  •  "Ugh, I can't miss the fourth of July"

  • "This doesn't even sound relaxing"

  • "Wait, this costs how much???"

I simply couldn't get over the price of traveling, the vacation time, and the schedules.

But instead of complaining about it (my mom taught me not to complain - thanks mom), I created my own.

And I wanted it to be relaxing but also to teach me something. I'm a curious one, and one day of wellness just wasn't enough. I wanted something that would stick with me, ya know?

So, I called my friend Angelica Neri, an Ayurvedic practitioner who had literally changed my life through my sleep/eating habits months earlier.

For some crazy reason, she not only agreed to share a session on Ayurveda, but she agreed to help me plan the whole dang retreat!

I actually thought no one would come. After all, who was I to be putting on this big event…I had a full-time job and I taught yoga on the side. This definitely was not my full focus.


But people came. In fact, we filled the place with 20 guests.


And, people wanted more, and we wanted to give them more. (At this point, Angelica and I decided we were officially in this together, and our brand became SoulFull Veda - who we are today).


So, armed with inspiration from round 1, we created an even bigger and better version of our Spring DayTreat, which is what you're thinking about attending right now.


Why is this bigger and better?


  1. The healing sessions are unreal. It includes an hours worth of massages, yoga, and all types of healing to get you to 100%.

  2. Rooftop yoga, because looking at the Chicago skyline never gets old.

  3. Sound Healing Journey to balance and align all your Chakras.

  4. Yoga Nidra, best translated to yoga sleep, reduces stress and can even heal your negative, subconscious patterns. It promotes deep relaxation and promotes a sound sleep, which is detrimental to optimal health

  5. We have so many cool brands supporting the event - a lot of them are local girl bosses, and other are incredible Ayurvedic brands who are just as passionate about spreading the good word as we are.


And we know you're excited and you know that you need this. But you just looked at the price and 'couldn't justify it.'


But let us ask you - when is the last time you truly invested in yourself?


No, not that new Gucci belt you love.

Or, that pedicure you got last week.


No, when did you invest in your higher self? The version of you who wants to be your friend again.

Who wants you to take a break from your work laptop and your iPhone X. What about him or her?


They are screaming at you to plug in.

Your battery is on red.

And let's be honest, you would freak out if your phone was dead right now - what if you need to call an uber? How do you check if the purple line is finally pulling up to Wash/Wells? How do you know if your favorite teacher has a sub at CPY?


I get it. I'm with you.


But seriously, you need a recharge.

And, despite the analogy, you're not an iPhone. You can't 'go dead'. You need to be here, living your best life, giving the world your energy and showing off your gifts.

We can help you, and you're not selfish for justifying an investment in yourself.


You're so worth it.