Thursday Thoughts

Sometimes I skip morning yoga.
Sometimes I eat tomato and garlic, even if they give me massive heartburn.
Sometimes I eat a LOT of cheese. Like, a lot.
Sometimes I skip my morning routine (except tongue brushing, obviously).
Sometimes I drink alcohol and stay out too late.
Sometimes I put on a timer to meditate and can’t get my own voice to STFU so I quit.
Sometimes I spend way too much time on my phone. And then I get mad at myself for spending so much time on my phone.
Sometimes I eat ice cream way too late in front of the TV while I watch a dumb show on HBO.
And that’s because I’m human. You’re human. We’re all human.
We get a lot of questions from you like…

  • “Are you completely vegan?”

  • “So, do you drink?”

  • “Ohh, so you’re really good at yoga”

And, we love your questions. Truly, we do.
But sometimes, I have to check myself. We preach that Ayurveda is a lifestyle and a practice, and no lifestyle or lifetime is perfect – including my own. There’s no need for me to feel like I’m letting you down by not being the perfect example of an Ayurvedic goddess. In fact, it’s best that I’m not. That’s unrealistic and unattainable.
And lifestyle, or practice, means Ayurveda is not a 30-day fix. There are no lists of cannots and cans. There are no rules.
What we do is empower you to use Ayurveda, as best as you can, to live a long and happy life – that’s all.
And Ayurveda can feel really confusing, because it’s foreign and hard to pronounce and not widely practiced, but really it’s simple.
It’s about listening to how you feel, taking note of how you feel, and acting accordingly.
And not every day is going to be perfect. I know ice cream makes me feel (seriously) unwell. But I love hot summer nights and long walks with a scoop (or three) in my hand. That makes me happy. So, I go for it (it being the B&J’s dairy-free PB & cookie, by the way). And the next day I do my morning routine and eat my chia seed pudding and put myself right back into my lifestyle-loving ways.
So, let this serve as a reminder for myself, and also for you. This practice, this science, it doesn’t need to be scary and complicated.
In fact, it shouldn’t be scary and complicated. It’s really simple.
Do, eat, and think things that make your body feel good and your mind feel happy.
We’re just here to help you figure out what those things are for you.
Big love.
Thursday thoughts,