Rachel's Story

Hello, it’s me - Rachel, the Co-Founder of SoulFull Veda. As R+R Retreats shifts to SoulFull Veda, Angelica and I want to share our 'whys' and our stories of how we came to Ayurveda. Our hope is that our stories inspire yours, and you can feel comfortable and confident knowing that wherever you are at in your journey, that place is exactly right for you.

Let's begin.

At the beginning of this year, I started R+R Retreats as a fun side project. Now, I have an incredible partner who has helped morph the brand from retreats to everything Ayurveda.

But let’s back this up and share the entire story.

I have always been really into fitness and wellness, to the point where one of the first things I did when I arrived to Granada for my study abroad program was sign up for a gym!

It started off as a hobby and a way for my to keep my athleticism, but quickly grew into something that started taking over more of my life.

By that I mean, I started cutting out carbs to lose weight and that morphed into paleo which evolved into hardcore keto plus daily 16-18 hour intermittent fasting.

At this same time, I started receiving my certification in yoga sculpt and was taking hardcore hot yoga classes daily.

On top of that, I was stressed out about keeping up with my job, teaching yoga, and at this specific time - getting certified in holistic nutrition.

The burnout was real. I was experiencing heartburn almost every single night. And because I ate dinner at 8 PM after work and my workout class, I had trouble falling asleep. Then, because I was stressed and my cortisol was through the roof, I woke up in the middle of the night to lose MORE sleep.

Despite the keto strict eating and all of the exercising, I had gained weight, gotten acne when I NEVER had acne in high school or college, and I felt anxious most mornings.

I can repeat all of this in hindsight, but at the time I had no idea what was going on and just knew I wanted some help.

Then, I ran into Angelica (co-founder of Soulfull and Ayurvedic practitioner) at the studio.* One thing led to another and next thing I knew, I was at her office drinking the most incredible tea with her taking pictures of my tongue

Because I’m a Pitta (had always thought I was a Vata!), I found out that a LOT of the lifestyle choices I was making for my body were completely fueling my Pitta fire and causing major imbalances.

Fundamentally, everything Angelica shared made intuitive sense, but I was so close to my own situation that I couldn’t step back and just listen to my own body.

We worked together for 5 sessions, each ~1-2 hours long (very typical of Ayurvedic medicine compared to Western where the system has only allowed us about 10 minutes with our doctor), and I left feeling incredibly empowered and excited.

Today, I have dramatically reduced the counts of heartburn I suffer from (and if I do get it, I can usually pinpoint the cause). I also sleep soundly for at least seven hours every night. I’m no longer scared to eat carbs, and in fact I now eat a lot more rice and beans (and feel great).

However, Ayurveda is a practice just like yoga so I’d be lying if I portrayed my situation as perfect.

I still struggle to get to sleep before 10PM, and I have belly pudge I want to lose. I still teach hot yoga, which I can tell is hard on my skin but right now I still love it too much to give it up. I still drink alcohol and love coffee a few times a week (which I know gives me anxiety). I still love HIIT and workout classes and feel “unproductive” in yin yoga.

But again, it’s a journey. It’s my journey. And the more I share it, the more I hope to help you along yours.


PS. - There will be a deeper conversation with Angelica + myself in upcoming weeks to dive into our journeys in more depth. Stay tuned.

*Another post will have to be shared about this other magical story.