The Ayurvedic Cleanse: Week 3//Part Three

We are in the last phase of the cleanse, can I get a hell ya? This phase of the cleanse is about rebuilding the tissues and ojas/energy of the body with deep awareness. Take careful note that post cleanse still means cleanse! The body is going to be cleansing for the next couple of weeks or so and it is important to support it. The best way to support it is by slowly reintroducing foods each week. After fasting on kitchari for a week, the easiest dish for our bodies to digest, our bodies need to time to build the stamina for harder to digest foods.

Let’s take a look at all the incredible disciplines our body and mind has taken on these past couple of weeks.


The Prep/Purva Karma

🌱Eliminate gluten, dairy, alcohol, fried foods, sugar, coffee from your diet 

Purpose: To pull toxins from the outer bodily systems to the digestive tract


The Techniques/Pradhana Karma PART ONE

🌱Daily intake of ghee/Oleation

🌱Mono diet of kitchari with vegetables

🌱Daily self-massage/Abhyanga

🌱Followed by daily steam/Swedana

Purpose: To soften and gently scrape the toxins in the digestive tract out of the system and prepare for strong purification technique


The Techniques/Pradhana Karma PART TWO



Purpose: To rid the body of the toxins in the GI tract.


Post Cleanse/Samsarjana Krama

🌱Slow reintroduction of vegetables and grains

🌱Digestives before every meal

🌱Body steam/Swedana

Purpose: To support the body

When you take a step back and look at how far the body and mind has already come, it is obvious that you would want to continue to move just as mindfully.

Slow reintroduction of food

Everything in the cleanser’s diet should be well cooked and spiced for the first month or so. For my cleanse, I started by introducing vegetables back into my kitchari. Since we are in Vata season, I am starting with root vegetables. During this time, I am going to also introduce easy to digest grains such as GF oats for breakfast. Next week, I will introduce fruits back into my diet and if my tongue and pulse stay strong, I will introduce other sources of protein besides split daal. For the next weeks to come, I will take my sweet time integrating raw foods such as nuts and seeds, and of course, my beloved chocolate. The beautiful part about the cleanse is that if something does not digest well with me, I can easily go back to kitchari or something simple the next day and my body will recover fast.

Like all things Ayurveda, this part of the cleanse is unique to each person. The main signs of knowing when someone is ready to introduce new foods is evaluating their pulse for ojas/energy and tongue for ama and swelling. Once you have determined the patient is strong enough to move forward, you can introduce a new food group every couple of days or week.

Digestives before every meal

Also during this time, it is important to take your dosha recommended, digestive herbs before each meal and additional if needed. The body is rebuilding its digestive fire/agni and still needs the support of herbs to do so. Your practitioner may even recommend probiotics during this time to rebuild the gut wall. This would depend on your purification techniques.

Body steaming

Body steaming daily with abhyanga will assist in supporting the bodies recovery mode as well. Steaming is nourishing to the tissues and provides warmth to the body during Vata season. This will further support a healthy digestive system while keeping the bones and tissues supple.

I anticipated this part being the most difficult part of the cleanse, but it has been the easiest and most joyful. Every day, my body is getting stronger and more energized. I bounce out of bed and my energy stays consistent even without my favorite matcha tonic.

Every day, I start to integrate something new back into my diet and my gratitude explodes. Plain jane GF oats for breakfast, oh my gawd, lay it on me! The cleanse has given me the discipline and patience to s l o w  d o w n, which seemed impossible three weeks ago. And although this is still a work in progress for me, I am highly sensitive and aware of how my choices (not just diet) affect my energy. Stay tuned to hear how the cleanse has shifted me on a spiritual level!

Slow your soul,


Angelica + Rachel