The Ayurvedic Cleanse: Week 2//PART TWO

The Ayurvedic Cleanse: Week 2//PART TWO

We are near the end of Week 2 of the cleanse, where the name Pancha Karma became so popular.

After the body has been fully oleated internally with daily ghee and externally with daily abhyanga, the body is ready to purge. Remember, the purpose of the oleation is to soften and loosen the toxins/ama (white sticky stuff attached to our organs that cause disease) from the GI tract. THEN, the strongest purification techniques are required to release it from the body. 

Traditionally, there are five purification techniques performed to rid the ama from the body. 

Vamana—> ridding toxins from the stomach (Kapha)

Virrechana—> ridding toxins from the small intestines (Pitta)

Basti—> ridding toxins from large intestines (Vata)

Nasya—> riding toxins from nasal cavity

Blood Letting—> cleansing and purifying the blood

Sounds like a lot on the body? That is why traditionally, you are secluded and under the care of a practitioner 24/7. Ayurveda also cuts NO corners and when dealing with deep seated diseases, more treatments are required. 

Since we are doing an at-home PK, we are only going to participate in Virrechana and Basti (Pitta + Vata focus). On Day 7 of the cleanse, when the body is at full oleation, a strong purgative is taking that night. In the morning, there will be a complete cleanse of the small intestine. On Day 8, the body is ready for the Basti, which is basically an enema. Typically, a water based enema with herbs is administered, followed by an oil-based enema with herbs. 

There is so much beyond the physical release of built up ama (that has been stored in your body for years). It is the emotional and mental release that is expelled as well. And, as all things Ayurveda are, it is specific to you and relative to your dosha. As a fiery Pitta, I have built up anger, frustration and irritation. I could feel these emotions arise during the week, and I used the power of observation to feel them and have my body digest them.

During the week, I had been doing deep journal work to find the source of my imbalance. What part of my imbalance am I attached to? Can I strip away this false identity to step into my truth? What am I really letting go of?

After experiencing the stronger purification techniques, I felt these emotions completely disappear. There is an inner sense of calm and complete mental clarity. I felt absolute freedom. This is how my body + mind feels at its natural state, without an imbalance. This is truth.


The Prep/Purva Karma

🌱Eliminate gluten, dairy, alcohol, fried foods, sugar, coffee from your diet 

Purpose: To pull toxins from the outer bodily systems to the digestive tract


The Techniques/Pradhana Karma PART ONE

🌱Daily intake of ghee/Oleation

🌱Mono diet of kitchari with vegetables

🌱Daily self-massage/Abhyanga

🌱Followed by daily steam/Swedana

Purpose: To soften and gently scrape the toxins in the digestive tract out of the system and prepare for strong purification technique


The Techniques/Pradhana Karma PART TWO



Purpose: To rid the body of the toxins in the GI tract.