Why We Quit Our Jobs

Some of you know that in September, Angelica and I both recently left our full-time jobs so that we could shift our focus to sharing SoulFull and what it stands for full-time. Now that we've both officially transitioned, we want to share some of the lessons we learned while closing one chapter to embark on another.


When we made this major transition, we were asked a lot of questions. Questions like…

  • But how will you make money?

  • What exactly are you going to sell?

  • Do you know how to be an entrepreneur?

  • Did you know that most new businesses fail?

  • Aren't you scared?


These are good questions that we had and thought a LOT about before making this leap! Some we have better answers to than others. Either way, we thought we would do our best to explain what went through our heads, what we expect, and what we inspire to do with this new focus.


But how will you make money?

By providing value. There is nothing more satisfying than teaching and empowering another human being of his or her own healing powers. We all have the ability within us to tune into our bodies and make choices that are more aligned with who we are and what we need. Ayurveda gives us the tools to successfully do that, and we love sharing it.


What exactly are you going to sell?

Knowledge, community, and experiences. We focus on luxury retreats, workshops, and creating a new world Ayurvedic community. Our #1 goal right now is to educate more people on the science of Ayurveda (and to get it #trending).


Do you know how to be an entrepreneur?

Ha, no! But, we had no idea how to teach yoga until we started doing it. We had no idea how to practice Ayurveda until we started practicing it. Everything is Figureoutable (great book and great phrase, btw), and we plan to figure it out.


Did you know that most new businesses fail?

Yes, we do! BUT, we created this business to help you, or someone like you, change their life. If we do that with even one person, our work here is done and we will not have failed, regardless of what happens to the brand.


Aren't you scared?

Um, hell ya we're scared, and there's a big list of things to be scared of (getting sued, people not understanding what it is we're sharing, rent payments…).

But you know what's even scarier? Sitting at our desks waiting for our cozy two week paycheck wondering if there's more we have to offer the world that we're not sharing or not focusing on..


Which leads us into Dharma…AYURVEDA & DHARMA: What is Dharma?

Our dharma is our purpose, or our duty on Earth, and if we don't fulfill, understand, or follow our dharma, then we will see obstacles and blocks everywhere.


The biggest issue with dharma is that we often get pulled into carrying out someone else's purpose without even realizing that we're off track.

How does Dharma impact our health?

When we follow our life goal/purpose, it brings us joy and our bodies feel good.  If we do not, we become unhappy and disease begins to manifest.

In fact, several studies have found that coronary disease was negatively correlated to low job satisfaction, meaning that researchers noticed that those who experienced a higher rate of heart disease had  indicated their lack of happiness and contentment in their roles.

 Overall dissatisfaction and lack of joy not only impacts the heart, but also affects our overall harmony and can lead to greater diseases of the body.

 This means that if we do not learn to live in harmony with our unique natures and perform our own dharmas, it will impact the quality of our health.



We want to make joy, be joy, create joy, and share joy, and we definitely don't want to have any heart attacks. So, for that reason, we chose our selves and our own paths.


While we firmly believe that not everyone should drop their job and become an entrepreneur, we DO believe that everyone has their own purpose here on Earth, and it's not always within a career or job. It can also pertain to relationships, hobbies, where you live, the thoughts you choose throughout your day, etc.


If this is resonating with you, we encourage you to do some inventory of your life…


  • Are there any things you're doing on a daily basis that you don't love?

  • Are there things you say or wear or do because you feel like you owe it to someone else?


And if your answer is yes, ask yourself, why? If it's for your kids or your spouse or your friends, that's really noble and selfless of you, but here's some food for thought on that -


  • Don't the people in your life want you to show up as your best self and be happy? If they don't, should they be in your life?

  • If you came here for a purpose (and purpose can change and evolve over a lifetime), how could it NOT work out, unless it was leading to something even better?


You can't fail when you're doing your dharma.


With love,

Angelica + Rachel