The Ayurvedic Cleanse: Week 2

Happy Wednesday Cleansing Souls!

We are in Week 2 of the Ayurvedic Cleanse-Pitta style, which is where the beauty of the traditional cleanse sets it apart from others.


The Prep/Purva Karma

🌱Eliminate gluten, dairy, alcohol, fried foods, sugar, coffee from your diet 

Purpose: To pull toxins from the outer bodily systems to the digestive tract


The Techniques/Pradhana Karma

🌱Daily intake of ghee/Oleation

🌱Mono diet of kitchari with vegetables

🌱Daily self-massage/Abhyanga

🌱Followed by daily steam/Swedana

Purpose: To soften and gently scrape the toxins in the digestive tract out of the system and prepare for strong purification technique


The Practice: Inner Oleation consists of the daily intake of ghee every morning on an empty stomach. Each day, you double the intake of ghee (Ex: Day 1//2 tsp, Day 2// 4tsp, etc.). Outer Oleation consists of the daily practice of self-massage or Abhyanga.

Purpose: The ghee loosens the toxins that are in the digestive tract, so they are ready to be expelled at the end of Oleation. (What is a toxin? Toxin is ama, a white sticky substance that sticks to different organs and manifests itself as disease.) The purpose of outer oleation is to attract the toxins out of the digestive tract towards the GI tract for elimination.


The Practice: After Abhyanga, place body in a steamer. Leave head sticking out of the steaming tent and remain in tent for 15-20 minutes or until first drip of sweat on forehead.

Purpose: To open up the channels and loosen up the toxins/ama in the body.

Mono-Diet of Kitchari

The Practice: Prepare a cleanse friendly version of kitchari with half white basmati rice , half mung beans, vegetables and plenty of Pitta pacifying spices. (For Pittas, double the mung and half the rice). Eat warm for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Purpose: This mono-diet allows your body to not have to think about digesting food and focus on eliminating the toxins that have been built up in the system. Mung beans specifically are great for drying out toxins in the GI tract and gently scraping them out of the intestines. White basmati rice is recommended, because it is easier for your body to digest and can promote elimination of toxins.

Other Components

Since the body has to think less about digesting, this is a great time to introduce strong herbs that correlate to your imbalances. My mentor has recommended to take two bitter tonics and strong digestive herbs daily for my Pitta imbalance. Ayurveda is SPECIALIZED for you, so your herbal formulas will differ from others. This is also the PERFECT time for journaling. What kind of life do you want to create? What is holding you back? What can you let go of?

Is it worth it?

I honestly rarely share the details of my cleanse, because it can be misunderstood. (Yes, my family thinks I am completely off the deep end!) But this isn’t some new diet or trendy cleanse off the market. This is a well practiced tradition that has been around for over 5,000 years and has proven to be successful at healing deep-seated diseases or imbalances WITHOUT the use of surgery or prescription medication. It is one of the most supportive forms of a cleanse and is a beautiful experience.

Is it still hard AF? At times, yes, I will not lie. But shying away from the uncomfortable takes us farther from the truth. Working through your imbalances and bullshit is what releases them and makes us stronger. And I cannot stress enough, it is important to be under the care of an Ayurvedic Practitioner during this time.

Stay tuned for the rest of the cleanse updates!

Please cleanse responsibly,


Angelica + Rachel