Angelica's Story

Hi friends!

My name is Angelica, co-founder of Soulfull Veda and holistic healer. I am excited to share my journey with Ayurveda and how Soulfull Veda came about to you today!

When I first heard of Ayurveda, I was living in LA and had just finished teaching a yoga class at my studio. One of the instructors was informing me on her Ayurvedic Cleanse, and I was instantly intrigued. I knew Ayurveda was the sister science to yoga and had always been interested in learning more. This spring cleanse was the first of many where I started to understand my own body from my best teacher, my Self.

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Rachel's Story

Hello, it’s me - Rachel, the Co-Founder of SoulFull Veda. As R+R Retreats shifts to SoulFull Veda, Angelica and I want to share our 'whys' and our stories of how we came to Ayurveda. Our hope is that our stories inspire yours, and you can feel comfortable and confident knowing that wherever you are at in your journey, that place is exactly right for you.

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