It was Sunday at 4pm, and I ordered another drink. I asked the bartender if he ever gets the Sunday Scaries. He belted out laughing and said, “HA-you should make a shirt saying that!”.  It made me feel a little better knowing I wasn’t alone, but I couldn’t shake this feeling.

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The Ayurvedic Cleanse: Week 3//Part Three

We are in the last phase of the cleanse, can I get a hell ya? This phase of the cleanse is about rebuilding the tissues and ojas/energy of the body with deep awareness. Take careful note that post cleanse still means cleanse! The body is going to be cleansing for the next couple of weeks or so and it is important to support it. The best way to support it is by slowly reintroducing foods each week. After fasting on kitchari for a week, the easiest dish for our bodies to digest, our bodies need to time to build the stamina for harder to digest foods.

Let’s take a look at all the incredible disciplines our body and mind has taken on these past couple of weeks.

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The Ayurvedic Cleanse: Week 2//PART TWO

There is so much cleansed beyond the physical release of built up ama (that has been stored in your body for years). It is the emotional and mental release that is expelled as well. And, as all things Ayurveda are, it is specific to you and relative to your dosha. As a fiery Pitta, I have built up anger, frustration and irritation. I could feel these emotions arise during the week, and I used the power of observation to feel them and have my body digest them.

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The Ayurvedic Cleanse: Week 2

Is it worth it?

I honestly rarely share the details of my cleanse, because it can be misunderstood. (Yes, my family thinks I am completely off the deep end!) But this isn’t some new diet or trendy cleanse off the market. This is a well practiced tradition that has been around for over 5,000 years and has proven to be successful at healing deep-seated diseases or imbalances WITHOUT the use of surgery or prescription medication. It is one of the most supportive forms of a cleanse and is a beautiful experience.

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The Ayurvedic Cleanse


Traditionally, an Ayurvedic cleanse is called a Pancha Karma. Pancha Karma means five actions, which refers to the five treatments classically involved in a cleanse. If you go to India, it is a sacred practice that is individualized to each person and completed for at least a months span in a secluded environment. In our western culture, we use the term Pancha Karma pretty loosely. Our crazy schedules don’t permit a traditional PK, so we make it accessible for ourselves in our own versions of “Pancha Karma”.

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Plug Yourself In

At the beginning of this year, I was obsessed with going on a yoga retreat. I researched for hours. I looked for 'loopholes' on ways to attend with a discount. I checked the US and then I checked every cool, "retreat” country I could think of.


But, each time I found a retreat I loved, I came back to the same hurdles.

  • "This one's 10 day long"

  •  "Ugh, I can't miss the fourth of July"

  • "This doesn't even sound relaxing"

  • "Wait, this costs how much???"

I simply couldn't get over the price of traveling, the vacation time, and the schedules.

But instead of complaining about it (my mom taught me not to complain - thanks mom), I created my own.

And I wanted it to be relaxing but also to teach me something. I'm a curious one, and one day of wellness just wasn't enough. I wanted something that would stick with me, ya know?

So, I called my friend Angelica Neri, an Ayurvedic practitioner who had literally changed my life through my sleep/eating habits months earlier.

For some crazy reason, she not only agreed to share a session on Ayurveda, but she agreed to help me plan the whole dang retreat!

I actually thought no one would come. After all, who was I to be putting on this big event…I had a full-time job and I taught yoga on the side. This definitely was not my full focus.


But people came. In fact, we filled the place with 20 guests.


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Basics of How to Eat For Your Dosha Type

There has been a lot of buzz around trendy new diets, super-foods, workouts, and even eating plans (read: intermittent fasting) in recent years. To be honest, we have tried a few of them and actually seen great results…except for that those results are usually fleeting. Instead of trendy new diet or 30-day plans, we focus on a science and lifestyle that has been around for over 5,000 years and works.


That science is called Ayurveda, which literally means the science of knowledge of life. Ayus - means life, and Veda - means knowledge. The purpose of this science was to lead mankind toward optimal health. The creators knew that humans could find balance in body, mind, and spirit by connecting with nature and gaining a great understanding of the nature of our selves. Our goal is to resurface the beauty and power of this science and bring it into modern day context.

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Angelica's Story

Hi friends!

My name is Angelica, co-founder of Soulfull Veda and holistic healer. I am excited to share my journey with Ayurveda and how Soulfull Veda came about to you today!

When I first heard of Ayurveda, I was living in LA and had just finished teaching a yoga class at my studio. One of the instructors was informing me on her Ayurvedic Cleanse, and I was instantly intrigued. I knew Ayurveda was the sister science to yoga and had always been interested in learning more. This spring cleanse was the first of many where I started to understand my own body from my best teacher, my Self.

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Rachel's Story

Hello, it’s me - Rachel, the Co-Founder of SoulFull Veda. As R+R Retreats shifts to SoulFull Veda, Angelica and I want to share our 'whys' and our stories of how we came to Ayurveda. Our hope is that our stories inspire yours, and you can feel comfortable and confident knowing that wherever you are at in your journey, that place is exactly right for you.

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