Revolutionizing the retreat space + modernizing Ayurvedic wellness.

Let’s start with the why.

You are unique. Your wellness journey should be unique. That is why SoulFull Veda specializes in Ayurvedic Wellness + retreats, a medicine and science that focuses on the imbalances and health of the individual.

What does this actually entail?

We start by finding out more about your unique mind-body make up and potential imbalances. Then, we customize the day around getting you back to your wholesome and balanced self.

Who should attend our retreats and events?

Anyone who is interested in learning more about their mind-body type and implementing self-care, eating, lifestyle, stress management, etc. practices that will bring them back to their whole + balanced self.

How do the retreats and events work?

  1. We send you a quiz to help you determine your mind-body type and potential imbalances

  2. You show up to your events with an open heart and mind, ready to turn off your devices and reconnect to yourselves

  3. Begin your wellness journey with Ayurvedic experts here to guide you

  4. Leave transformed mentally, physically, and emotionally, armed with the knowledge to continue your own daily self-care

When & where?

R+R [now Soulfull] started in Chicago with daytime retreats. Join us in the Fall to experience the beginning of a wellness revolution.