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Ayurvedic Healing – Learn About Dr Aramya’s Treatments and Consultations
Dr. Aramya’s practice specializes in Ayurvedic healing. Learn about the treatments and consultations she provides. Read about the benefits of ayurvedic
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The Importance of Ayurvedic Today
Ayurveda is a complementary and alternative medicine with a holistic approach that promotes healing of the mind, body, and soul. More people are embracing
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Ayurvedic Medicines Unknown to the World
While the use of ayurvedic medicines is not new, there are still many that are unfamiliar to this world. Let’s explore some of these esoteric remedies. We’
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Do Ayurvedic Medicines Expire?
Ayurvedic medicines lose their medicinal value with time. However, they are prone to discoloration and foul odor. If this happens, discard it.
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Why Don’t More People Know About Ayurveda?
You’ve probably heard about Ayurveda, but don’t know what it is. Most people don’t even know what it is. But it’
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Why is Ayurveda Banned in the US?
Many people may not know that Ayurveda is a system of wellness. While it is not a “subspecialty” of allopathic medicine, it is still considered
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Why is Ayurveda Expensive?
Why is Ayurveda expensive, and is it worth it? The pharmaceutical industry controls government policy. As a result, more than 25 per cent of American children
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Are Ayurvedic and Herbal Treatments Safe?
The question of safety in Ayurvedic and herbal treatments may be overwhelming, especially with all of the hype. Luckily, there is some good news: The FDA
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The Three Miracle Herbs in Ayurveda
Trikatu, Ashwagandha, and Shilajit are all known to help cure digestive problems and increase energy levels. However, despite the hype surrounding these
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Is Ayurveda Alternative Medicine?
Ayurveda is a holistic medical system with roots in ancient India. The name Ayurveda literally translates as “science of life”