We’re offering you the opportunity to distance yourself from your environment to focus solely on resetting your lifestyle.

Distance yourself by shaking up your routines, disconnecting from your external stimuli, and reconnecting with your Self.

How do you learn to create an awesome routine that feels perfect for you?

Daily routines are IN right now. Every article, every blogger out there is sharing his or her personal technique for starting or ending the day right, and it’s fun to get a glimpse into someone else’s private routines and rituals, but, that doesn’t mean it then becomes easy for us to implement those same routines or even that we should.

Routines and rituals are the small habits that make up a lifestyle.

From my experience, I’ve learned there are many ways to make major lifestyle changes (pretty much tried them all!), but there is one way that trumps the rest.

The intentional strategy: Just like a yoga teacher sets an intention for class, I start by creating an intention for myself. I decide how I want to feel or what I want to accomplish or envision the life I want to build, and then I align my habits around that intention to build out my new lifestyle.

For example, my intention for Summer was to spend as much time outdoors as possible. When I created this, I asked myself questions like…Why do I want to be outdoors? How can I change my schedule so I optimize my time outside? Can I add in just one new thing a week that gets me outside so that I don’t overwhelm myself?

Most people overlook this strategy, because while it sounds simple, it requires the deep work. It’s easy to say “I’m going to be a runner”, and it’s fun to look up 30-day training plans. It takes more thought to sit with yourself and dig into the why behind your desire for the behavior change.

 Here are some of the questions I asked myself to dig to the root of my desires.

  • What is my intention for myself?

  • Why is this my intention?

  • What am I currently doing that isn’t serving me?

  • Where did this habit come from?

  • How can I start to replace those habits or thoughts that created those habits?

  • What am I looking for with these new lifestyle implementations?

Below are MY answers to those questions when I started on this Ayurvedic journey over a year ago, but know that your answers should 100% look different.

  • What is my intention for myself? Create a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and fun to practice and learn about.

  • Why is this my intention? I want to feel and look good, and I don’t want my routine to be more burdensome than helpful.

  • What am I currently doing that isn’t serving me? 1) Obsessing over the amount of fat / carbs in my diet, 2) Overexerting myself to get extra workouts in, 3) Following advice of the Instagram stars who have the bikini bod I want.

  • Where did this habit come from? The desire to look good in a swimsuit coupled with bad comparison habits.

  • How can I start to replace those habits or thoughts that created those habits? I can stop using others’ techniques for my own journey. I can replace those habits with a new habit of listening to my own body and letting it guide me.

  • What am I looking for with these new lifestyle implementations? I want to create habits that are sustainable, SIMPLE, and that feel good to me.

Once I really nail down what’s guiding me, the ‘how’ becomes less important. I only have so much willpower and self-discipline when it comes to sticking to a plan or a new habit, but when I make decisions based on how aligned they are to my intention, the ‘how’, my energy and my enthusiasm come easy.

The focus of our upcoming weekend retreat is to provide you with a space to do this exercise with us to guide you. We take you out of your home and calendar and into a space that will provide clarity around what it is that you’re seeking and why you’re seeking it.

 We give you space to create your own intention, and we guide you through a day in the life of an Ayurvedic lifestyle - you can take or leave what resonates with you.